Research Units

The structure of research at the UPC is basically organised into research groups, teams of researchers whose aim is to carry out research in a specific area and transmit the results obtained to society. Department of Management (DOE) research staff mainly participate in research groups and laboratories of the University, among others:

Research Groups


DOE academic staff with expertise in the field of industrial organisation and the supply chain play an important role in the Institute for the Organisation and Control of Industrial Systems.

DOE research staff also participate in the specific research centre CERpIE - Centre for Research and Development for Business Improvement and Innovation, developing and transferring their research activity and initiatives to public or private external entities in the fields of building management, occupational risk prevention, ergonomics, the environment and road safety.


Scientific Production

Some numbers

  • 65 Articles
  • 41 Conferences (papers)
  • 5Books and publications
  • 15Chapters
  • 8Thesis
  • 1,369 PAR type 1