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Doctoral programme in Business Administration and Management (in extinction)


The PhD programme in Business Administration and Management is governed by the following regulations:

Academic regulations for doctoral studies at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Specific regulations of the programme


Reading of the thesis

Preliminary evaluation of the thesis:

The thesis will be submitted together with a detailed report from the supervisor, which will also include the publications that have been derived from it (articles, books and chapters of books) and the indications of quality corresponding to each one.

In order for the Committee to consider the quality indicators to be sufficient, the thesis must be accompanied by a minimum of two publications corresponding to one or more of the following categories:

a) Articles published or accepted in peer-reviewed scientific journals;

b) Papers or communications presented at scientific congresses with a full-text review process;

c) Books or chapters of books from scientific publishers of recognised prestige (published or accepted).

Apart from these criteria, at least one of the publications must correspond to an article published or accepted in one of the following indexes: JCR (Journal Citation Reports of Web of Knowledge); SJR (SCImago Journal and Country Rank); SCOPUS; Carhus Plus+.


Presentation of the thesis as a compendium of publications

If you wish to submit your thesis as a compendium of publications, please follow the instructions here. In addition, the programme's Academic Committee will take into account the criteria specified in the programme's specific regulations.



The thesis examining board will be made up of five members (three members and two substitutes):


The majority of full members must be external to the UPC. As a general criterion, co-authors or co-authors of publications made with the doctoral candidate cannot be members of the examining board.

All members of the examining board must meet the following criteria:
1 - Have accredited research experience in accordance with criteria equivalent to those of the UPC, which are: having supervised a doctoral thesis written in the last five years; or having a valid research record (obtained in the last seven years); or acting or having acted in the last five years as principal investigator on a project financed by an external public institution, awarded on a competitive basis.
2 - Have research experience in a field related to the subject of the thesis. The CAPD will assess the suitability of each member on the basis of the following information: (i) published articles; (ii) theses supervised; (iii) competitive research projects directed.


Doctoral thesis reading process:






Preliminary assessment





The doctoral candidate presents the thesis
-Thesis (pdf)
-Summary of the thesis 
-Director's report
-Director's authorization-Indications of quality (copy of published article(s) / congress certificate(s))
-Proposal of the thesis examining board, drawn up by the thesis supervisor
-If applicable, authorisation to present the thesis as a compendium of publications and annexed documentation.






Doctoral candidate








If applicable, the CAPD assesses the application for the thesis as a compendium of publications -Whether or not the authorisation for the presentation of the thesis as a compendium of publications is approved or not


The CAPD assesses the director's report


If the CAPD considers it necessary requests reports from external experts -External expert report


External experts

30 (indicative period)
If the external experts make suggestions for improvement, they are communicated to the doctoral candidate so that he/she can revise the thesis



Doctoral candidate



The CAPD authorises the processing of the thesis

-Authorisation from the programme coordinator
-Selection board proposal
-For each member of the examining board: CV

Administrative manager


15 (indicative period


Formality of registration


Doctoral candidate
Send thesis dossier and proposal for the examining board to the UPC's Doctoral Commission and disseminate the thesis dossier and summary of the thesis



Doctoral Area- UTGAEIB





Authorisation and Designation
To authorise the reading of the thesis and to review the proposal of the examining board  

Doctoral Committee of the UPC

Send documentation to the CAPD   Doctoral Committee of the UPC


Communicate the appointment to the members of the examining board -Appointment

Administrative manager


Call for Applications
Convene the examining board to read the thesis  


Communicate the reading of the thesis to the examining board 10 days in advance.  

Public announcement of the reading.Reserve facilities for the reading of the thesis -E-mail

Administrative manager




Reading Reading of the thesis   Doctoral candidate 1