Contacto The academic team of the Department of Business Organisation collaborates with the UPC School in the academic coordination and delivery of continuing education for professionals - masters and postgraduate courses - and also offers workshops and seminars more specific to our areas of expertise and adapted to the needs of the business world.

Other training

We also organise in-company courses, workshops and seminars in more specific areas, of short duration, which can be adapted in duration and content to the specific needs of the company.

Organització de la producció i cadena d’aprovisionament (enfoc lean management)

Organisation of the production and supply chain (lean management approach).
Training on principles, techniques and applications of lean management. Practice-oriented for subsequent implementation. Adaptable to workers of all levels..

Gestió del Talent

Talent Management is in fashion, but what does it mean? What is talent in an organisation? A course to establish the key concepts with the aim of helping to implement successful talent management processes. We will discuss the advances in the discipline in the international sphere and will talk about the adaptation to the local context. We will rigorously approach theory and practice..

Accidents laborals a l’empresa

Accidents in the workplace:
Workshop 1: How to deal with an accident at work in the company.
Workshop 2: How to deal with an accident at work in the media (press).
Workshop 3: Economic cost to the company.
Workshop 4: Assessment of occupational illnesses and/or accidents at work.

Pla de màrqueting digital

The digital marketing plan

Training aimed at marketing teams in companies that are starting e-commerce projects for the first time or wish to begin to exploit the possibilities of digital marketing. Global and introductory vision of the possibilities of online marketing and of the different techniques, tools and services available and how to orientate them to the achievement of objectives.

Gestió Eficaç d’equips de treball

Effective management of work teams course that aims to help improve the management of work teams. Key concepts of group and team work and analysis of the key elements for effective team management. Participatory methodology that allows the discussion of specific cases. We will rigorously apply theory to practice..

Nanomaterials en el sector de l’edificació: formació i informació.

Training and information workshop on
Nanomaterials in the building sector; training and information.

Desenvolupament de habilitats productives: Gestió del temps, comunicació, lideratge i motivació.

Seminari to develop four basic management skills:

  • Time management (management of meetings, delegation of tasks)
  • Communication (effective presentations)
  • Leadership (how to lead effectively)
  • Motivation

How to improve our productivity? How to design efficient and effective meetings? How and when to delegate?  How to make effective presentations? What leadership style is best? How to motivate? These are questions that are answered throughout the training. Participatory methodology that allows the discussion of specific cases. We will rigorously apply theory to practice.